Expert Care, Right for You

Cypress Fairbanks Medical Center Hospital's specialized services are focused on specific areas of medicine, offering a full range of multidisciplinary and advanced care. A team of medical specialists, including doctors, nurses and technicians, work together, often hand-in-hand, to diagnose, treat and educate.

At Cy-Fair Hospital, you’ll benefit from the expertise and compassion of renowned doctors and dedicated staff, plus state-of-the-art technology.

The Care You Need

  • Bloodless Medicine: Providing medically acceptable alternatives for those seeking to avoid blood transfusions in medical procedures.
  • Ear, Nose and Throat: Find a full range of treatment options for ear, nose and throat conditions, such as allergies, sinusitis, hearing loss and throat cancer.
  • Intensive Care: When you have a severe, life-threatening condition and need a higher level of care, Cypress Fairbanks Medical Center Hospital can provide it in our intensive care unit.