Physical therapy and So Much More

Recovering your normal, active lifestyle after a broken bone, illness or joint replacement surgery can take time. That’s why the Cypress Fairbanks Medical Center Hospital rehabilitative therapy services team is here to help you move freely again, whether you’re recovering from a stroke, injury, arthritis, major surgery, illness, nerve or muscle disorders or chronic pain.

The Therapy and Rehabilitation Center at Cy-Fair Hospital offers a wide range of services, including:

Our facilities are equipped with the right tools to help you recover from illness and injury. We have access to:

  • Circuit training/weight training equipment
  • Cardio equipment
  • Heated therapy pool
  • Individual therapy rooms
  • Occupational therapy area

With help from this equipment, we’re able to aid in your recovery through exercise, massage, ultrasound, electrical stimulation, aquatics therapy, training and education.

Complimentary Assessments

At the Cypress Fairbanks Therapy and Rehabilitation Center, you can receive a free 15-minute assessment by a licensed therapist. After the initial assessment, your therapist will offer recommendations for treatment that could be beneficial for you. Complimentary assessments are available Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Get Started

You can find more information, schedule an appointment or schedule a complimentary assessment by calling the Therapy and Rehabilitation Center at (281) 897-3590.