Diana Petisca may not dye her hair blue and red for a Houston Texans football game, but she does dress in blue scrubs over a red Texans shirt – and sometimes even has the team’s logo painted on her face – when she goes to work at Cypress Fairbanks Medical Center Hospital as the evening shift supervisor in the Imaging Department. Petisca’s enthusiasm for all things related to the Houston Texans recently earned her recognition as one of the 10 winners in the team’s “Your Story. Your Glory.” fan contest. As a winner, Petisca’s smiling face will appear on over 61,000 tickets for the August 15 game against the New York Jets. This first game is themed “Spirit of Service,” and Petisca is a shining example of service at the Cy-Fair Hospital.

Petisca uses her love of the Texans to connect with patients that come to her department for X-rays and other tests. She often talks about football with them during procedures to ease their anxiety about a test or health condition. Petisca has found that having something in common to talk about with patients helps her identify with them and gets their minds off why they are at the hospital.

“The regular scrubs have a Texans logo that isn’t big enough for everyone to see because it is only about two inches across. I don’t want people to miss my Texans logo, so I special order patches online that are about twice that size and then have a friend sew them on my scrubs,” says Petisca. “When patients see it, it’s easy to start a conversation about the team, coaches, or players. I just love talking football with them and helping them feel less anxious.”

In addition to attending games, Petisca enjoys playing fantasy football with fellow co-workers in the Imaging Department during her down time.  Petisca goes to some training camps, autograph signings, Texans All Access events, and Football 101 training sessions. She also is a member of the Battle Red Ladies, which is a group of lady Texans fans. Petisca sometimes has a Texans logo painted on her face when she goes directly to the hospital for work after attending a football game.

In addition to her picture, the Texans invited Petisca for a very special presentation at the first home game of the season. Prior to kick-off with the Jets, the Texans have asked Petisca to come down on the field during game introductions, where she will be awarded “Homefield Advantage Team Captain” for that game. The Texans owner, Bob McNair, will present her with an official Texans jersey. Petisca is very excited to stand on the sidelines as the announcers introduce the players just before kick-off. “This will be a personal dream come true Monday night! I can't wait!” beams Petisca.

“I have been a Texans fan since day one, when they unveiled the team name and colors,” says Petisca, whose husband nominated her for the contest. “We went to the first Texans game in 2002, which they won, and we bought a couple of tickets that year and the next. Then we decided to become permanent seat license holders. I love going to games and shouting to support our players. The Texans is an outstanding organization.”