Online Bill Payments for Cy​Fair Hospital

Your hospital costs, explained

Paying your hospital bill is fast and easy with our online bill pay system. Our online bill payment service provides details related to your charges in easy to understand format. You’ll be able to see:

  • The amount you owe to the hospital
  • The services associated with your costs
  • Payments made by any health insurance coverage you may have
  • A history of your previous payments

Helping Those In Need

CyFair Medical Center offers a number of flexible payment options. See our Financial Assistance Program page for more information.

Pay a medical charge for a family member

Now you can consolidate your accounts for your child or spouse in one easy way to view and pay charges online - with each family member’s medical visit and related costs clearly labeled.

Making a Payment Online

Pay Your Bill

Have Questions?

Review our Insurance and Billing FAQ page or call (​800) 681-2733. 

Please note that you may receive separate bills from physicians, laboratories or other service providers. Those bills cannot be paid via The Hospitals of Providence online bill payment service.